12th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing
IDC 2018
15-17 October 2018, Bilbao, Spain

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Latest news:

October 14th, 2018:
Slides for the opening talk available.

October 13th, 2018:
Social Program available (further details to be given during the conference opening)

October 11th, 2018:
New invited speaker: Josu Ceberio, in replacement of Prof. Herrera (apologies on his behalf due to illness)

September 12th, 2018:
Early registration fees will be maintained until the celebration of the conference

September 4th, 2018:
Program is available

June 28th, 2018:
Registration is open

June 4th, 2018:
Updated notification deadline: June 5th, 2018

May 1st, 2018:
Submission deadline extended: May 15th, 2018 (no more extensions will be granted)

April 9, 2018:
Submission deadline extended: May 1st, 2018.

March 26, 2018:
New tutorial: ANDROPYTOOL.

March 6, 2018:
Confirmed Special Issue on Applied Soft Computing.

March 6, 2018:
New invited speaker: Albert Bifet.

January 19, 2018:
New Accepted Workshop: ML-PdM.

December 13, 2017:
New tutorial: JMETALSP.

December 13, 2017:
New tutorial: KMBD.

December 7, 2017:
New invited speakers: Francisco Herrera and Eleni I. Vlahogianni.

December 5, 2017:
New Accepted Workshop: COMPSUS.

November 15, 2017:
New Accepted Workshop: INDILOG.

November 6, 2017:
Confirmed Special Issue on Future Generation Computer Systems.

October 30, 2017:
Definitive conference dates published.

October 25, 2017:
Tentative conference dates published.

October 20, 2017:
First CFP published.

October 19, 2017:
Invited speakers: Jose A. Lozano and David Camacho.

October 18, 2017:
IDC 2018 web site was launched.

Final conference program

Social Program

  • Monday evening: guided tour over the Old Part of Bilbao + Pintxo!
  • Tuesday evening: GALA DINNER at AISIAN Restaurant

Accepted papers

IDC-1: Mobility and Smart Cities

  1. Solving the Open-Path Asymmetric Green Traveling Salesman Problem in a Realistic Urban Environment
  2. Road Traffic Forecasting using NeuCube and Dynamic Evolving Spiking Neural Networks
  3. A Preliminary Study on Automatic Algorithm Selection for Short-Term Traffic Forecasting
  4. Solving an Eco-Efficient Vehicle Routing Problem for Waste Collection with GRASP

IDC-2: Medicine and Biology

  1. Automatic Fitting of Feature Points for Border Detection of Skin Lesions in Medical Images with Bat Algorithm
  2. Multi-Objective Metaheuristics for a Flexible Ligand-Macromolecule Docking Problem in Computational Biology
  3. Identifying the Polypharmacy Side-Effects in Daily Life Activities of Elders with Dementia

IDC-3: Internet of Things (I)

  1. A Deep Learning Approach to Device-Free People Counting from WiFi Signals
  2. Evolutionary Algorithms for Design of Virtual Private Networks
  3. Forming Groups in the Cloud of Things Using Trust Measures
  4. Terrorism and War: Twitter cascade analysis
  5. A GA with local search based on Label Propagation for detecting dynamic communities

IDC-4: Industry

  1. Decision Making in Industry 4.0 Scenarios supported by Imbalanced Data Classification
  2. A hybrid optimization algorithm for standardization of maintenance plans
  3. Labelling Drifts in a Fault Detection System for Wind Turbine Maintenance
  4. Time series forecasting in turning processes using ARIMA model
  5. A new distributed self-repairing strategy for transient fault cell in embryonic circuit

IDC-5: Robotics and Videogames

  1. Applying Evolutionary Computation Operators for Automatic Human Motion Generation in Computer Animation and Video Games
  2. A General-Purpose Hardware Robotic Platform for Swarm Robotics
  3. Distributed Formation Tracking of Multi Robots with Trajectory Estimation

IDC-6: Internet of Things (II)

  1. On the Design and Tuning of Machine Learning Models for Language Toxicity Classification in Online Platforms
  2. Ensuring Availability of Wireless Mesh Networks for Crisis Management
  3. A Hybrid Ensemble of Heterogeneous Regressors for Wind Speed Estimation in Wind Farms

IDC-7: Assorted Applications (I)

  1. Drift Detection over Non-Stationary Data Streams using Evolving Spiking Neural Networks
  2. Concept Tracking and Adaptation for Drifting Data Streams under Extreme Verification Latency
  3. Adversarial Sample Crafting for Time Series Classification with Elastic Similarity Measures
  4. Long distance in-links for ranking enhancement
  5. Fostering agent cooperation in AmI: a context-aware mechanism for dealing with multiple intentions

IDC-8: Assorted Applications (II)

  1. Knowledge-Based Metrics for Document Classification: Online Reviews Experiments
  2. Scalable Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks with the Spark Distributed Computing Platform
  3. An e-Exam Platform approach to Enhance University Academic Student's Learning Performance
  4. A Study of Predictive Earliness of Traffic Flow Characterization for Software Defined Networking
  5. Experiments of Distributed Ledger Technologies based on Global Clock Mechanisms

IDC-9: Search & Optimization

  1. Bio-inspired approximation to MPPT under real irradiation conditions
  2. Slot Co-allocation Optimization in Distributed Computing with Heterogeneous Resources
  3. About Designing an Observer Pattern-Based Architecture for a Multi-Objective Metaheuristic Optimization Framework
  4. Finding Best Compiler Options for Critical Software Using Parallel Algorithms
  5. Collective Profitability of DAG-based Selling-Buying Intermediation Processes